cancel culture, part 8

In recent months, the Covid-19 situation in The Netherlands had improved and with the number of new infections dropping dramatically, the government has relaxed the rules and gave the go-ahead for the Championships which we as organization have communicated to the sailors.

However, in the past two weeks things have taken a turn for the worse. The relaxed rules and regulations have resulted in a severe spike and a 10-fold in infections. Consequently, the government of the Netherlands has reinstated, most of the previous restrictions until August 13th.

Today, 15 July 2021, this has resulted that the Netherlands has obtained the “code Red” classification according the ECDC (European Centre for Disease and Control).

Without doubt, this will cause many travel restrictions and complications for most participants which brings the entire organization of our 8-Metre World Championship in serious jeopardy.

Furthermore, it is impossible to delay the final decision until the new guidelines and regulations are published on August 13th.

If the go-ahead is given on that date, it will leave insufficient time for logistics and preparations for the yachts and their crews.
If the guidelines post 13 August do not permit the championships to be sailed, then a decision does not leave enough time for the crew members to make alternate holiday plans which in many cases will result in no end of upset and cost.

And even with a go-ahead on the 13th of August, the unpredictable and instable situation around the Covid regulations means that shortly prior or during the championship things may change again.

The RNYC and the organization is ready and eager to fire the starting gun, the town and mayor of Enkhuizen is ready and eager to receive and welcome the guests, the sailors are ready to race. But in the end, someone has to make the final call to race or hoist N over H and stay home.

A decision can only be a rule-based decision, it cannot be based on wishful thinking. We need to decide with what we know today and to our minds it would be irresponsible and unfair to you as competitors to forge ahead, and, as such we see no other option but to cancel the Int. 8-Metre Worlds in Enkhuizen.