transpac bonanza

We have often provided onboard reports from various boats on distance races, and for this year’s Transpac, we are going big. Check out these boats and people:

Rock n’ Roll,  Andrews 68, John Sangmeister
Peligroso, Kernan 68, Keith Kilpatrick
Lucky, JV 72, Matt Woodworth
Triumph, Santa Cruz 52  Jeff Thorpe
Lucky Duck, Rogers 46  Patrick Whitmarsh
Favnious, Delher 46  Will Paxton

A good spread of boats and all well-sailed should provide some excellent content, especially considering it is supposed to blow pretty good this year. The slower boats have already started, with the rest starting daily all the way up to Saturday.

So check in here often, as the reports will pop up randomly, given each boat’s situation. This should be good!