not so happy 4th of july

Good Annapolis Yacht Club rant today…

For various reasons I was quite late getting to Annapolis for the 4th. I held out no realistic expectation of getting a mooring and once in radio range the harbormaster confirmed they were 100% occupied. This actually kind of sucks because the anchorage has shitty holding and is very exposed or you can go way the hell up Spa Creek and not see much of the fireworks.

We decided to take a chance anyway and go under the bridge and up Spa Creek just in case and what did I find but 6 or so moorings up there with covers on them RESERVED AYC ONLY :angry::angry: What The Actual Fuck!!!!! These moorings have been first-come-first-serve for as long as they have been there and still are according to the harbormaster website.

We lucked out because someone wanted to get closer to the fireworks barge and left and we snagged their mooring about 0.8 seconds after they got off it, but to make matters even worse only 2 out of the 6 moorings ever got used! I would love to know how a private club managed to convert a scarce public resource to their own property and then didn’t even USE IT.

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