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Big Pimpin'

Imagine a yacht that’s thrillingly fast and fun to sail but isn’t shaped and built according to the constraints of a rulebook. A responsive, rewarding yacht that sails and handles brilliantly in a wide variety of wind and sea conditions, on all points of sail, and hasn’t been optimized just for windward-leeward courses.

One with more than ample space, comfort and contemporary style inside but without any compromises made at the expense of sailing balance or performance. A yacht that can easily handle the wildest weather you’re ever likely to encounter, but also excels at fair-weather family cruising. That’s the design DNA of X-Yachts’ Pure X range.

The new X5⁶, launched into the icy waters of Baltic Denmark in the depths of December for initial sea trials, is designed, engineered and built to take this ongoing evolution of the perfect all-around performance cruiser to a whole new level. Thomas Mielec, X-Yachts’ director of design and engineering, was on board for the sea trials and sent good news back to the yard. Read on.