how much?

We don’t pretend to know what all slip rates are in Southern California, but we know they aren’t cheap. Looks like the people who run in The Marina in Dana Point think they are too cheap. Far too cheap in fact.

They are raising slip fees by as much as 90% for 55′ – 60′ slips. 90%??

I did a little math and for the privilege of docking at “The Marina”, it would cost me $910.00 per month for my Ericson 35-2. Over nine hundred bucks a month, just to park it?  Seriously?  If this is an attempt to squeeze out middle-class boaters, they are well on their way.

Read their incredibly weak reasons for the rates increase here. And just for some fun, let’s play the game of “How badly would I get ripped off for my boat?” by just clicking here for the rates.

If they get away with this, look for a slip increase coming to a marina near you!