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The prestigious Rolex Fastnet Race is just a few weeks away, and competitors who have the most accurate data on hand will be able to make the best possible decisions for the fastest route.

The Fastnet is genuinely a navigators’ race, as it challenges competitors to negotiate some very tricky tidal situations – such as whether to head offshore for pressure or tuck inshore to avoid the worst of an adverse tide. This year’s race is exciting because it’s finishing in France for the first time, and the last section involves negotiating the notorious Alderney Race, with currents of up to 9 kts.

By popular demand, Tidetech is again providing an exceptional package for this year’s race, with 400m resolution tidal current GRIBs for the whole race area and 100m GRIBs for the Solent and Dorset Coast. In addition, GRIB’s are available before the start of the race for pre-planning and strategy, and historical GRIBs for the last six races are also available so that navigators can run multiple scenarios based on historical wind and tidal data.

With validated model accuracy, this unprecedented level of detail gives you the best chance against competitors who rely on less detailed data. Check it out.