another oops

What is it with these guys?

Now in the Ocean Race Europe, 11th Hour Racing runs up the back of another boat in light winds when they really shouldn’t have gone in when there was no way out in leg 1.

I thought a friend was winding me up when I was told Charlie had done it again but on watching the Leg 2 start replay, in beautiful crystal clear conditions, once again, clearly no proper lookout (shades of the Hong Kong incident) they hit, I was told, the anchor line. Note the anchor line which meant they had a stationary target that obviously cannot be accused of hitting them this time around.

I know they are sailing with just 5 people but you would think that with 10 eyeballs, one of them would be pointing in the direction of travel. 11th Hour sailed straight into the anchored vessel and that’s just poor seamanship. A closer look at 11th Hour shows that no one seems to be even looking forward at all.

Sally actually said there was a huge blind spot – sorry, no excuse, a boat has a duty to keep a proper lookout and nobody apparently bothered.

Check it out here, just as the commentator says “if you want to talk about stability and smooth riding height” around 24:35 minutes into the video 11th Hour Racing almost t-bones the anchored boat, catches the anchor line and spins it like a top. Weak.

– SS.