sailing the seven seas of cheese

Call me bitter,  but without question, I find this and all videos like it to be worthless, (especially the idiot on Sailing Doodles. Just saying that makes me want to punch him). They are obnoxious “look at me” vanity plays, incredibly annoying, not nearly as funny or interesting as they think they are, and to me, a complete and total waste of time. The once-hot girl in these videos is mostly the only reason people (dudes) watch. It surely isn’t because of her intellect.

Now, these sailing bums have managed to convince Rapido into (borrowing? lending? giving?) them a trimaran. The dude obviously called a bunch of builders to give them a boat to sail, and now they have one. Great promotion, I reckon, but what are the odds that this dope will tip this thing over?

The fawning over these two annoying Aussies is little more than the same slavish idiocy heaped on dumb “reality tv” shows, which is essentially what this is. Here’s a perfect example of the idolization, lifted from the comments from this video: “Riley drumming on the pots absolutely SENT me!”

Really? It “sent” you? A half-wit performing with the skill set of a monkey, banging on pots”sent” you? The only place you should be “sent” to is a mental institution. JFC.

However, props to these two for hacking the system to gain a ridiculously large following of idiots, and in the process, get a free boat.  If douchebags like Jake Paul can be rich and famous, I suppose almost anyone can. What a world.

Title inspiration thanks to Primus.