Big Pimpin'

There is not one racing sailor who has not felt the bottom of their hull and worried about skin friction. Think of the hours spent perfecting that surface so that not one second is lost on the racecourse due to excessive drag. Nautix has developed a full range of innovative paint products that are growing in recognition and acceptance in the racing community.

What sets Nautix apart in the coatings business is their small company size with a deep heritage in performance sailing. As part of the famous Lorient Sailing Valley, Nautix has for 40 years been well within the culture of innovation that routinely produces some of the world’s finest sailors and yachts. The company’s roots are in windsurfing, which in the 1980s was on a meteoric rise in popularity and in desperate need for reliable quality equipment to meet the demand. Nautix remains a trusted supplier in that business.

Nautix took on yacht coatings as more innovation and diversity was needed in the niche, but important, market of performance paints. Being modest in size, Nautix has excelled by being responsive to the specialised demands of the serious offshore racing sailor. Proximity to the latest and greatest French offshore projects has also helped, giving them a unique opportunity to develop their products alongside all the other developments in this important scene. Read on.