stupid and dangerous

Not Sailing

We have a larger version of a tourist boat that does this same sort of shit in San Diego bay. There is no speed limit and it is an accident just waiting to happen…

In the wake of a fatal collision on Southampton Water, the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch is warning high-speed tourboat operators to heed their industry’s voluntary code of conduct and ensure the safety of their passengers.

On August 22, tour boat operator Seadogz Rib Charter Ltd. dispatched the rigid inflatable Seadogz on a routine commercial tour. The boat departed the Ocean Village Marina at about 0945 that morning with 11 passengers on board.

After performing a series of high-speed figure-eights around navigational buoys in the harbor, the skipper headed back up the channel in order to tail an outbound ferry, passing back and forth to jump the larger vessel’s wake. Exiting one of these maneuvers at a speed of about 38 knots, the skipper navigated the RIB into the North-West Netley buoy, a five-tonne steel marker measuring about ten feet in diameter by 15 feet high.

Upon impact, the bow of the boat was tossed upward and all on board were thrown violently forward by the rapid deceleration. Everyone on board (save for one passenger) sustained injuries, including broken limbs, fractured vertebrae, dislocations and a punctured lung. Emily Lewis, a 15-year-old passenger who was sitting just forward of the pilot house, was fatally injured.  Read on.