hate mission

Good post on the troubled J/70 NA’s in our fabulous Forums brought to you by Marlow Ropes.

The 2021 J70 North American Championship, held in the “editor hated” Annapolis, MD started yesterday.¬† Par for course, the Chesapeake Bay held to its standard light breeze, strong current, and multiple wind shifts as the weather instability played to its true self.

During Race 1, the wind shift was too big and the race had to be abandoned. Race 2 did not fair any better, and with eager competitors over early, it too was abandoned. After delays all day, they finally got a race going in the late afternoon and only 29 out of 59 boats finished before TLE. After thorough discussions from the Race Committee, it was decide the race was unfair due to another shift on the first beat and he lack of finishers during a Championship event, those results thrown out as well.

Words from competitors come in all colors including frustrating and brutal to sum up the conditions.  However, as of this morning, the Race Committee has received multiple request for redress due to the abandonment, and a hearing is schedule for a future date and time.

With Day 2 Warning advancing to 10am this morning, the flags draping straight down at the Eastport Yacht Club, hopefully they will be able to get some races in today.

With the forecast for the rest of the regatta looking bleak, it may not get any better. Will the local knowledge of Scott Nixon and Terry Hutchinson on the same boat win out in these conditions, or will another well stacked crew from another area win the fleet? Coming off a competitive NOOD Fleet two weeks ago, my money is still on Nixon, Hutchinson and the rest of the crew. Event Site.

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