hair brained

Of all the bizarre boating shit on Craigslist, this takes the cake…

I’m going to be leaving in 2023 on a full global circumnavigation in a pedal powered boat and I’m hoping a few people with sailboats might be interested in “convoying” along with me.

The purpose of my journey in that small, pedal powered boat is to promote sustainability and to advance environmental awareness. Using nothing but Human Power, I’ll be circling the globe. All onboard gear from lights to computers will be powered 100% by my pedals.. as will (obvie..) propulsion. The refit process has already begun.. her existing deck is being ripped off and she’s going to be lengthened from 16′ to 22′ approx. and then her pedal drive (arriving in a few weeks) will be installed.. the goal being to fully enclose her before winter and “fine tune” her appointment through the winter.

Nothing is set in stone but my goal is to offer you, the sailboat owner, 500$ per month with a per- diem landfall bonus and a circumnavigational conclusion Bonus/ Balloon Payment. You’ll also be covered for any berth fees, visa fees, and taxes/ charges unseen such as~ but not being limited to things like canal passage fees (the route proposes to pass through the Suez Canal, the Corinth Canal, and the Panama Canal). We’ll, also, be having “Line Crossing Ceremonies” at specific points along the journey. Read on.

And jump in to discuss.