circle jerk

The “Oceanic Offshore Committee” of World Sailing (chaired by Matt Allen) has put out a “Recommendation” about their troubled Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore Event for the 2024 Olympics. This is transparently a response to the recent IOC declaration of misgivings about the proposed event.

What the World Sailing honchos are now suggesting is that the race take place as a series of laps in an area of just 20×20 miles, close in to the Southern shore of France. Their original proposal was for the race to be run in an area of 24,000 square miles – a real ocean race.

World Sailing are trying to damp down the IOC’s stated misgivings about field of play, security and, crucially, the costs and complexity of TV coverage.

So what was conceived – and initially accepted – as a genuine offshore race now wants to be a round-the-buoys procession of repeated laps within sight of land (or at least within mobile phone range). Pathetic.