men of the cloth

Big Pimpin'

With the rise in popularity of long range blue water cruising, the world’s leading sailcloth manufacturer Dimension-Polyant is experiencing greater demand than ever for its time proven and distance-defying products.

DYS, a rugged Dyneema laminate, remains the most popular cloth for blue water cruisers who are also keen on maximising performance on the occasional race track. DYS is the cloth of choice on many of the yachts in the Oyster World Rally, for example.

For the ultimate in low stretch and durability, GXLD’s GraphX Carbon Dyneema Spectra laminate structure makes it the strongest and most durable product in the Dimension- Polyant range. Where loads, budget or specific operating conditions such as increased mildew resistance are required, woven hybrid Vectron and Hydra Net Radial are also viable options. Both of which benefit from Dimension-Polyant’s UVi technology which increases the resistance to degradation from UV light by 10 to 15 per cent. Read on.