i’ll take mine hot

The Baltic 68 Café Racer, named for the stripped-down street racing motorbikes of 1960s London’s rockers, is an ambitious vision of the probable future direction of composite sailing yachts.

More than half the hull structure is made of natural flax and it’s decked with FSC-certified cork. The electric powerplant uses hydrogeneration and solar while away from the dock. The air conditioning can be run in eco mode by solar power alone and the bilge pump filters oil and microplastics. Her eco credentials are well established but what of the street racer pedigree?

There are many “holy grails” touted, promised, offered in sailing and ever since non- overlapping headsails became the norm and easy sailing became the fashion, the final frontier was to have a mainsail that delivered performance without the hassle of running backstays.

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