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Big Pimpin'

Mast-mounted instrument displays that are touch-screen and customizable; the appeal of B&G’s new product Nemesis is easy to see from any angle. In the age of touchscreen phones and tablets, it seems such an obvious idea yet Nemesis is the first product in the marine market to boast these finger-sensitive capabilities. No more having to go down below to pore through a myriad of data at the nav station – you can swipe through different screens of your choosing directly from the mast display. Or if you prefer, you can swipe through Nemesis screens via your Apple Watch.

Development of Nemesis started in February 2020 – and took only eight months from development to market despite taking place in the year that was defined by the arrival of Covid-19. Built by a development team based across six countries in four continents including the UK, Slovenia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico and India, it was perhaps this Covid-enforced way of working that spawned such an innovative product.

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