avoid the room

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Just back from a couple of regattas at sunny Port Stephens and I’m still scratching my head in wonderment. Last day saw 2 races (W/L) to complete a 6 race (no drop) series. Race 5 – P&S incident 2 mins off the start line screwed our race (we were S). P boat refused to do turns – we took it to the room. Prior to the hearing Arbitration was undertaken.

I was asked the usual “Did you hail? What did you hail? did you fly a flag? When?” by the “Arbitrator”. I answered all in textbook fashion. I was then told bluntly that I’d struggle to get that up in a hearing (WTF?) The arbitrator continued to try and dissuade me from proceeding….(presentation was just upcoming and the result of a protest would likely affect the result)….the attitude was hostile and aggressive from the start.

We took it to the room – with witnesses the case was open & shut. Facts found confirmed our claim. Now…….the SI’s had been amended earlier in the event to permit penalty discretion. The decision taken was to penalise the other boat 5 regatta points…..just enough to have no impact on results.

So…a P&S (rule 10) with no penalty on the offender and no adjustment for the yacht materially prejudiced…..This was a major regatta with professional jurors and race administrators. I’ve never experienced this before. Jump in to discuss.

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