spoiler alert

Although telling the world their broadcast of Day One of racing in the SailGP Bermuda event is live, it is in actual fact not the case.

Due to the forecast for light winds on Saturday, the first day of racing was brought forward to Friday but to maintain the ‘myth’ of live racing the news of results etc .,was kept under wraps with accredited journalists sworn to not release the results. What a horseshit way to run a supposed top level regatta.

However, as some will remember, SailGP refused accreditation to Sailing Anarchy because we weren’t a ‘proper sailing news website’. How ya like us now?

Despite their pretensions, SailGP does not own the world and as reported elsewhere, racing on day one was dominated by Tom Slingby’s Australian team which won all three races on day 1 (that’s Friday, not Saturday).

Actual scores as follows. Thank you Sailing Anarchy community for assisting with this information.

Australia 30
France 23
USA 20
Spain 19
Great Britain 17
Denmark 11
New Zealand 11