two scoops

There are only a handful of events that today accept an Open 50 as an entry. Examples are the Rhum Class of the Route du Rhum or the OSTAR. There aren’t any around the world events open to these boats. 

It is in keep with the spirit of the Global Solo Challenge to offer a departure for these boats, even more so if there are no other similar events they can attend. 

In 1996 the innovative canting-keel Aqua Quorum compled the Vendée in 126 days and will always be remember for the the dramatic rescue of Raphaël Dinelli by Pete Goss. In 2000 Italian Pasquale De Gregorio sailed his Open 50 in the Vendée but was forced to sail with a fixed keel and had several issues, he still managed to complete the gruelling race to a hero’s welcome in 158 days. 

Several simulations confirm that an up to date Open 50, with canting keel, weather routeing and modern sails allowed, should expect to complete the circumnavigation in about 115-120 days from La Coruña.

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