everything dies eventually

There is a great FB page called IOR Landfills? and we grabbed this interesting and sad story…

I was the project manager for Atlantic Privateer 1983-1986, negotiated and signed design contract with Bruce Farr (was the first Maxi he designed) and managed the build with Bobby and Eric Bongers in Cape Town. In 1983/4 I signed a sponsorship contract with Apple on behalf of owner, Padda Kuttel, after having met Steven Jobs and then John Scully in Cupertino and subsequently she was launched as Apple Mackintosh.

Having won the South Atlantic race, we still lost that sponsorship (long story) and after winning the Seahorse Maxi Series 1985 as well as handicap class win in the Fastnet race where we lost line honours by half a boat length.

I managed later to find another sponsorship with a company called Portatan, which was the name with which we started the WRTWR, . Portatan sponsorship was lost after 1st leg (another long story) and we continued to race as Atlantic Privateer. I still have laminate samples. pictures of build, launch, WRTWR 1985/86 with the boat and probably a pile of drawings too. Sad to see her condition now.

Ludde Ingvall