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Big Pimpin'

No less than 70 Sun Fast 3300s have been built, with fleets in the UK, France, Norway, Australia and the USA. As many as 15 will be on the start of the Fastnet later this year. Being a veteran double-handed campaigner himself, Nigel Colley of Sea Ventures in Swanwick, UK, will be ready to support any and all who are interested in double-handed sailing, this newest and most exciting sector of our sport.

Whether an aspiring Olympian, a keen amateur tired of full-crew racing, a couple looking for a new way to enjoy sailing, or any other number of different permutations, the Sun Fast 3300 rises as the perfect choice for two-handed sailing. Its clever full-bow hull design from designers Andrieu and Verdier extends waterline length, and the water ballast tanks add to stability. The generous sail area set in the large foretriangle both reduces weather helm and gives plenty of versatile sail power when needed. Large bowsprit-borne asymmetrical spinnakers and Code Zeros in the downwind sailplan propel the boat at impressive offwind speeds. Read on.