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ILCA 7 & ILCA 6 – European Olympic Qualifiers – Vilamoura POR – Practice Race today with participants from USA, CAN and MEX

In the south of Portugal, the practice race today marks the start of the qualifiers for the remaining European Olympic nation berths of the ILCAs (Lasers). The fleets are very competitive, missing only the strong Oceanians, as well as the Asians and Africans, who have just sailed their Continental Qualifiers in Oman. —– In the ILCA 7, 143 participants from 40 nations and 3 continents will start. The North Americans on the list of participants are Charlie Buckingham USA, Liam Bruce CAN and James Juhasz CAN. —– In the ILCA 6, 138 participants from 38 nations will be competing. Paige Railey USA, Sarah Douglas CAN, Maura Dewey CAN and Elena Oetling Ramirez MEX represent North America. —– The entry lists. —– The event website mainly provides information on the Corona measures that made the event possible. On the Event-Facebook-Page, a first video covering the measurement day has been posted.