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The Environment

Even Big Oil is beginning to figure it out…we hope!

The opportunities in offshore wind continue to attract a broad range of well-known companies to the field, the latest being energy company Chevron. Through its venture capital company, which invests in emerging technologies, Chevron and Moreld Ocean Wind are investing in Ocergy, a developmental company working on new designs for offshore wind turbines and an environmental data monitoring buoy.

“We are delighted about this partnership as it will allow Ocergy to advance and commercialize its technologies,” said Ocergy CEO Dominique Roddier. “With MOW onboard we gain a trusted partner who will be able to provide an EPCI solution for OCG-Wind, a key requirement for many of our clients. We are excited to have gained Chevron’s investment and look forward to potential opportunities for their guidance and expertise executing some of the most complex offshore projects in the world,” said Roddier.

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