If there is one thing that has ever been truly great about Sailing Anarchy, it is the community that you all helped create, mostly via our forums. Yes, the are a bunch of fucking lunatics running around there, but most of y’all come here for a good dose of sailing, in whatever form.

I love it and have always been appreciative of you anarchists. So when somebody here has a problem, so many of you often try to help.

Regular and well-liked poster Hobot has unfortunately contracted Covid. Read below.

Got a text from Hobot on the 18th after I messaged him on the 16th to ask when and if Scot was going to restore the Random pic thread. Hobot’s reply, ” I’ve been really sick over the past 10-12 days. Quit eating food and barely could drink liquids. Got completely dehydrated.” I replied,”WTF!”

Hobot replied, “I’m in the hospital now at Swedish in Edmonds. Turns out I have COVID-19. Can you please come visit.” I explain, “Hospitals don’t allow visitors with COVID-19 spreading like it is.” Hobot replies, “That must be why Hope(his partner) hasn’t visited.”

I ask, “How and where did you get it?” Hobot replies, “I don’t know. I was so very careful with isolation, wearing a mask, washing my hands – barely leaving the house and still get taken down.”

Friday the 18th I text, “How you doing this morning.” Hobot replies, “I now have pneumonia. I found out through a Facebook post last night (on his sister’s page) my Mom passed away a few days ago and they didn’t tell me – family is such a weird organization.”

I reply,” Well that’s not what I want to hear – you with pneumonia! I’m sorry about the loss of your Mom, my sincere condolences.” Then we banter back and forth for a while, but even texting Hobot tires quickly. I close with “Stay positive, Stay Strong, Hope needs you!”

Next morning I text, “How you doing today?” Hobot replies, “Rough, they keep threating me with intubation. NFW am I going that direction.”

I ask, “What meds? Hobot replies, “All these wires, hoses and tubes I’m plugged into keep getting tangled. It all sucks” He sends a picture, I will not share, showing the wires, hoses and tubes plus Hobot wearing the clear face mask of a ventilator. Continue to the thread.