we sue you

We received this today, and are checking in with RS to see what up…

Boat Tech S.r.l. has decided to take legal action against the company H. Taylor and Sons (Brockley) LTD, trading as RS Sailing (hereinafter also RS), citing the unlawful violation of the existing distribution contract that RS has terminated since February 2021.

Boat Tech has been distributing boats with the RS Sailing brand for over 15 years with diligence and professionalism, presumed exclusively for Italy until September 2020, on which date RS unexpectedly entered into a new distribution contract with the company Negrinautica Srl, also the latter was sued citing acts of unfair competition.

The court of Milan was charged with this dispute by the CEO of Boat Tech, Aldo Rinaldi, who trusts in the judiciary, which will be able to bring out the violations of the law, promoting compliance with market rules.
The practice was entrusted to the Doria & Associati studio in the person of Prof. Avv. Guido Doria, who asked to inhibit, on the Italian market, the sale of RS Sailing boats by parties other than Boat Tech S.r.l.

RS Sailing imposes on its distributors the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK judge, but where the market is seriously violated, as in this case, it comes to the aid of Italian justice which does not allow the exclusive protection of Italian SMEs to be delegated abroad.