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Not only is Florida one of the dumbest states in the US, but it has a corrupt  trumpsucker idiot Governor who without question is one of the most odious douchebags in existence…

The governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency in Manatee County due to the risk of catastrophic flooding from a failing containment pond at a phosphate mining site. To reduce the risk, the state’s emergency management team is helping the site’s operator to pump millions of gallons of wastewater into the bay near Port Manatee.

The storage pond several hundred millions of gallons of fertilizer-rich water, and it has begun leaking, likely through a tear in its plastic liner. State officials fear that it could worsen into a catastrophic collapse of the reservoir’s containment system. In the worst-case scenario, the 70-foot “stack” of phosphogypsum waste – which happens to be the highest point of elevation in the county – could fail, sending a 20-foot wall of water flooding downhill.

Phosphogypsum is a mildly radioactive waste product left over from processing phosphate ore into phosphoric acid, which is mainly used in fertilizer. If its radioactivity is over a set regulatory limit, it may not be used for other purposes and must be stored indefinitely in “phosphogypsum stacks.” Read on.