why do you think they call it dope?

Australian kayaking champion Nathan Baggaley and his brother, Dru Baggaley, have been convicted of attempting to smuggle 650 kilograms of cocaine into Australia by boat.

Nathan Baggaley is a three-time world champion in the 1,500 meter sprint canoe (kayak) event and a two-time silver Olympic medalist. He has not competed since 2005, when he tested positive for steroids and was banned from the sport.

In May 2018, Nathan bought a RHIB for about $80,000. On July 31, his brother Dru and a third man, Anthony Draper, launched the RHIB and met up with a 180-foot vessel off the coast of Queensland. According to prosecutors, they accepted a consignment of 650 kilos of cocaine from personnel aboard the larger vessel, and proceeded to bring it on board. Read on.