more pissings

This is the last part of the original article of the Aussie Etchells shit show…

But, for Australian fleets, all it does is manufacture further dispute between Mould 9 owners and Mould 11 owners. The Australian Mould 9 owners can rightly feel they just got sold down the river by the International Association to solve a problem that was too hard.

In other words, when it came to fight between the two Class Associations, the Mould 9 owners are the ones who get shot. As with many things, perception is more important than the facts, and Mould 9 owners are well underrepresented by number in terms of Australian Class governors.

If compromise is reached, there will always be an apartheid and this will be particularly so if Mould 11 boats are allowed to race in Australia while the Hull certificates are withdrawn. So, the solution put forward by Mr Cumming is not a solution that holds the class together or is supportive of Australian Mould 9 owners in any way.

As to arriving at a solution, Mr Cumming exhorted that:

This effort will take a lot of collaboration, trust and friendship both internationally and between M11 and non-M11 boat owners generally, putting aside differences of opinion and recognizing that nobody now involved in the Class is at fault here.

However, Mr Cumming words provide little apology for the abuse hurled at “cocksucker” Mould 9 owners who voiced dissent about the handling of the issue by the Australian Class Association.

Lastly, to suggest that nobody is at fault is nothing but diplomatic as it means the no decision maker in Australian Association over the last 10 years did not know or could never have known about the World Sailing mould approval requirement as no approval was ever sought.

So perhaps the loss should legally lay where it falls which would most likely see the insolvency of the Australian Class Association but then its primary asset is the plug and Mould 11 which in 2019 it valued at approximately $180 000 and which now has no value.

Just hours after the release of the World Sailing Ruling and without the World Sailing endorsed rule change at least one Australian Etchells Fleet made their position clear by advising members that:

Unfortunately we heard less than positive news this week regarding the M11 boats. This newsletter isn’t the forum for discussion on the topic other than to say that we are here to fully support M11 owners who are caught up in the situation through no fault of their own.

 Needless to say that we will be amending the Fleets NOR (and other QLD events) to enable entry of the M11 boats until this situation can be fully resolved, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Let’s keep everyone on the water enjoying the sport we love.

The solution by that Organizing Authority was totally at odds with the World Sailing decision. Entrants were simply not required to produce their hull measurement certificates to enter or race.

So, no need for a vote, Mr Cumming as the issue as already been decided for you and the Mould 9 owners without anyone getting a say. Such actions are unlikely to generate the collaboration, trust and friendship that Mr Cumming seeks.

It is a special position for an Australian fleet to say, Mould 11 boats can race in Australia until the issue is resolved, whereas World Sailing says they can’t race until the issue is resolved as Hull Certificates are withdrawn.

So, it seems the only right answer is the one nobody wants to confront and it is time for real leadership from the International Etchells Association and it is not a time for expediency or compromise.

The Mould 11 boats are not International Etchells and Mould 9 owners are not “cocksuckers” just because they hold a certain view.