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Lightning – 59th Deep South Regatta – Savannah, GA – Final results. Team David Stark winner here, and overall in the Southern Circuit

Last week, David Starck/Tom Starck Jenna Probst (Buffalo, NY) finished first in the Savannah Deep South Regatta, the second event of the 2021 Lightning Southern Circuit 4 points ahead of Matt Fisher (Columbus, OH). Another 7 and 8 points back follow the teams of Julio Velez ECU in 3rd, and Tito Gonzales CHI in 4th. —– Four races were held on the first day in a well-established southerly breeze, no racing on the second day without enough wind. —– The results. —– This Savannah Regatta concluded the 2021 Southern Circuit, adding to the 9 races held at the 2021 Winter Championship a week ago in St Petersburg, FL. — David Starck and his team dominated the overall circuit with 5 top ranks and dropping a 9th in the 13 races completed. Matt Fisher and his team finished in second, Tito Gonzalez CHI (with 4 bullets) in 3rd.