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After sailing to a commanding divisional win – not to mention second place over the finish line – in the recent Cabo Race, Cecil and Alyson Rossi’s beautiful Farr 57 Ho’okolohe is well primed to take on this summer’s Transpac race. Finishing second in their division in the 2019 edition, the team is characteristically stacked with talent and local Hawaii knowledge, but for 2021 they will have one extra special crewmember onboard. Sailing in his 16th Transpac this year will be long-time west coast sailor, navigator and ship captain Scott Abrams. A legendary seaman from a family of legendary seamen, Abrams is the grandson of none other than Clarence MacFarlane, who is considered to be the very founder of the Transpac. 

As well as being an accomplished racing sailor with 15 Transpac’s under his belt, Abrams made his very livelihood along the same route, serving as ship captain of Matson’s MV R.J. Pfeiffer for many years. When he sails in his 16th Transpac however, it will be his final one.

After a long and valiant battle with Leukemia, Captain Scott Abrams passed away in November. Former shipmates, in consultation with Scott’s wife of 47 years, Gloria, decided that Abrams should sail in the Transpac one final time. And so when the Farr 57 Ho’okolohe surfs past the Diamond Head buoy some time in late July and finishes her next Transpac, she’ll be spreading Abrams’ ashes to their final resting place; the azure and windswept waters of the Pacific for which he loved so much.