drunk and stupid…

Love this from our Fabulous Forums, brought to you by Marlow Ropes.

Step 1: Make a drunken agreement to find, buy & rehab a 30-year-old 18′ skiff.

Step 2: Actually follow through on agreement.

Step 3: Race it in handicap distance races cause why tf not.

Stuck on step 3. PHRF regional board says no ratings for boats under 20 feet. Can’t seem to find info or get questions answered about minimum length for ORR or ORC.

We just want to have fun and look cool, not out to take the podium away from someone’s 4KSB. There obviously aren’t any other 18’s on the US East Coast, and even if there were this boat is way outside the current class regs.

So – What are the chances any hadicap system gives us a rating? If so, what special considerations are we going to have to ask for?

Appreciate the help.