For the first time in decades, Royal Navy sailors are learning the art of seafaring on a traditional tall ship. Over four months, junior sailors are crewing TS Tenacious – giving them a unique insight into the days of sail and the chance to pick up key leadership skills.

The square rigger is running in and out of Portsmouth with Royal Navy sailors performing tasks and duties Nelson would recognize, from heaving and hauling lines to watchkeeping and steering.

The use of the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Tenacious is helping to plug the gap left by the closure of the Navy’s command and leadership school in the Brecon Beacons due to the pandemic.

“In a difficult period for Royal Navy training due to the pandemic, the use of the Jubilee Sailing Trust has allowed us to continue to provide top quality core leadership and team training in a maritime context,” said Commander Adrian Coulthard of the Navy’s training organization. Read on.