nobody speak

As a 40-year subscriber to the Los Angeles Times, it was with bemusement that I searched daily for a story on the America’s Cup. Not finding one, I thought that at the very least, there would be a tiny mention in their The Day in Sports column about the Cup, who was winning, etc. Nope, not a single word at all.

Surely then, after the Kiwi’s iced the series 7-3, there would be a short article, at the very least about that, right?


But today, while looking through the sports offerings on the TeeVee, I spied the above listing.  The America’s Cup is to be shown on NBCSN at 8 p.m. tonight! Did I miss something? Perhaps there was a protest and the racing is to continue?

Uh, no.

This is simply an example, and a perfect one at that, of how little the Times, or almost all mainstream media gives a shit about the AC. They listed an event that has been over for two days. Think about that for a minute. Talk about getting dissed.

And therein lies the problem for our sport – If there are no fucks given about the “Oldest trophy in sports, blah blah”, how can any aspect of the sport get any traction in the outside media?

It can’t and it likely never will. To this very day, after all these years of America’s Cup racing, outside of us few kooks, no one cares. – ed.

Title inspiration thanks to Run The Jewels.