double down

Big Pimpin'

The immense popularity and exploding interest in big boat doublehanded sailing is branching out from its competitive roots in northern Europe and now engulfs nearly every corner of the sailing world. Driven by more than just its recent adoption in the 2024 Olympics, sailing two-up is proving to be a sensible and organic solution for owners who want an alternative to the hassle and expense of full-crew racing.

Those who have tried it are often surprised to discover how much fun it is. UK Sailmakers has embraced this trend with gusto, developing a range of not only sail products to support the unique needs of short-handed sailors, but also is in an advisory role, helping their customers to adapt to what for many is a new paradigm in sailing.

Before going any further, one must recognise that there is almost as much to learn about doublehanded sailing as there is about sailing itself. OK, maybe not as much…but there is a lot to learn before you’re ready to go safely offshore doublehanded. Here’s a glimpse into some of the basic considerations of doublehanded sailing, for the would-be doublehander. Read on.