really nbc?

So after already blowing the chance to put on a good, free America’s Cup broadcast,  when NBC finally does go free (showing the match live on NBCSN, the NBC sports channel), they screw even that up!

For the previous 9 races, NBCSN showed the AC (although burdened by too much yakking from people who shouldn’t be talking) for us yanks at exactly when the races actually start. But tonight, in what will no doubt be the final races, the broadcast has been delayed by three hours!

And why? Well, they just have to show a Motocross race re-run! A fucking re-run instead of showing the America’s Cup live??  If putting that sort of recycled shit in place isn’t a giant Fuck You from NBC to the AC and it’s US viewers, I don’t know what is.

Congratulations, NBC. Your fuck-up is complete. – ed.