hey nbc: you blew it

It seems like every time there is an America’s Cup, there is some sort of TV/Interweb balls-up, and this year was no exception. I don’t pretend to know the real numbers behind why NBC chose to play this AC out like they did, but I think it was pretty obvious that the idea of wanting to make ‘muricans pay a couple hundred bucks to watch it on TV was dead at birth.

Perhaps NBC isn’t aware that besides porn (and why even pay for that?) nobody pays to watch anything on the web or television? Maybe their Tech Team didn’t bother to tell them about VPN’s as a $5 dollar way to not pay NBC for the privilege of watching?  Whatever audience research they did clearly missed the mark.

Given that all American TV networks are embarrassingly clueless, it is no surprise at all how badly NBC botched this. Granted, NBC had little idea about what a disaster the racing would be, but they should have known not to piss off their audience by trying to charge money for it from the jump.

NBC also did a terrible job promoting the event. They should have advertised the hell out of it, run AC promos during other sports broadcasts and shows, and put the event on NBC in prime time . For free. You know, the way every single god damn sport is already viewed – for free.

And then , when they realized nobody was buying their AC “Gold” package bs (a package they eventually discounted from $179to $119), they start showing it on NBCSN…for free. Pure genius! Except they forgot to tell anyone.  And what’s with delaying the broadcast by an hour?  To make viewers even angrier?

I can go on and on about the poor broadcast quality, but why bother? NBC clearly had and has no idea what to do with this version of the AC. Hell even most hard core racers didn’t either – most not sure whether to love it or hate it.  But the truth is that isn’t NBC’s fault.

We’d guess the real culprit is this version of The Cup itself. But NBC screwed the pooch with their clumsy, expensive and out of touch attempt at producing an accessible, available, quality production.  ed.