good night now

An heroic effort at the start line once again by Jimmy Spithill on Luna Rossa in the final race of the America’s Cup (what is that, like 27 straight wins off the line??), but ETNZ got to the right side, got the shift, had the speed and honestly? That was that, and just like that.

Put Spithill on that boat and it never loses a single race. But the reality is that the Kiwis  sailed well, on a boat that was so clearly faster than LR. By huge amounts.

So that concludes this version of The Cup. It was great. It was fucked. It failed, it succeeded. It left a lot of us scratching our heads about what we just saw. Was it cool? Was it lame? Was it forward thinking? Was it a slap in the face of tradition?

Is it worth doing again? Is it sustainable? Does anybody care?