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Chris Welsh, the owner of the Spencer 65 Ragtime has passed away. Chris and I were talking about a bit of a joint venture just a month ago or so.  Condolences to his family.

“Hello Chris’s world. Today we lost a good man. He passed away very suddenly this am, without a moments notice. Probably because he would have been late. He was always late.

It’s Tina. He was so smart, he accomplished more in a day than everyone around him ever did in a week. He fulfilled so many of his dreams, including getting his Citation type-rating (almost). He loved our dog Cooper almost as much as me. But his real first love was Ragtime. I always told him she came before me in the line up. He never disagreed, haha. I know he loved me and forever will. Please have a Kraken rum and diet coke. He was a special man. I love you Christopher, forever.”