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Saving Ocean Wildlife will be putting on a free webinar hosted by renowned ocean scientist and SOW volunteer, Michael Atkins. He will be joined by two more scientific researchers to discuss what the hell is happening with Gray Whales along the West Coast and the associated Unusual Mortality Event (UME) that is plaguing the whales.

An UME is defined as “a stranding that is unexpected; involves a significant die-off of any marine mammal population; and demands immediate response.” The number of migrating whales is way down this year. Saving Ocean wildlife is putting on a free webinar for people to learn more. So, put down that crappy can of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day for just an hour, engage your brain and ask questions during the Q&A time.

What’s happening with the gray whale migration right now?

This year as of February 9th only 57 whales (including calves) have been tracked making the journey  to San Ignacio lagoon according to the American Cetacean Society, Los Angeles chapter, validating that we are still losing more gray whales.  Scientific researchers Steven Swartz and Jorge Urbán Ramírez from the Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program are tracking this year’s activity in Baja.

In a live webinar update, they will explore whether or not this trend is continuing for 2021.  The webinar “Why are our gray whales dying?” will be hosted by Michael Atkins March 17th at 7pm pt. Interested parties can register here.  For more information about gray whale Unusual Mortality Events please visit this Saving Ocean Wildlife blog.