n over a

A day where the breeze teased those on the water (and thousands viewing round the world) with windspeeds hovering below or around the event minimum, postponement was followed by a race countdown, followed by a postponement, followed by an etc., etc.

As the shadows continued to lengthen it became obvious to all concerned that the only winner today was going to Mother Nature.

First of all a text message came through followed by the official announcement “Racing Abandoned for the day”.

Given that had racing gone ahead it would be in the very lowest of wind ranges I am pretty sure that the abandonment would be more to the liking of Kiwis than the Italians but it is what it is.

So that’s that! Not the first time a days racing has been cancelled due to no wind, and doubtless it wont be the last in our sport – just please, no repeat in this regatta.