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What is it about human nature that we never truly appreciate things until they’re gone? You don’t realize how much you’ve been touched or changed until you realize that you’ll never get to hear the wisdom.  You’ll never have the opportunity to show someone how much they taught you; how responsible they are for how your values, how you treat people, most importantly how you live your life.

Well one of those guys went away yesterday, and I’m struggling. It’s not a tragedy, he had a great life, so let’s celebrate. 

If you grew up sailing in Southern California, in some way, shape, or form you were touched by Lee Beery. He made designers famous. He’s made sailers famous, he made people’s dreams come true, and he did it without ever wanting any credit. Never ever was there a more altruistic man. He wanted to win more than any person I’ve ever met, but never wanted the credit. 

It took him passing away for me to realize how much of an influence he had in my life, how much of the person I am am because of him. He would never talk down to you. He would make you carry the burden of letting him down. He’d give you enough rope to hang yourself, once, and in doing so, he taught forgiveness. God bless Lew Beery and long live It’s Ok. – Keith Kilpatrick