the more i see…

“Before 1970, I would have expected that challenging yacht clubs would be able to place themselves completely in the hands of the New York Yacht Club and be assured of scrupulous fairness. After the 1970 challenge, I was disappointed with their handling of measurement questions in the same way that Martin Visser and Jim Hardy ended up being disappointed witch the handling of racing rule problems.

The more I see of these bits of evidence [regarding the notorious starting incident protest in Race 2] the more steamed up I get at the NYYC statements that make GII blatantly ridiculous and wrong. I am now utterly convinced that either she was quite within her rights, or she had only fractionally overstepped them, and that Hardy and Visser were by no means the blundering and collision-happy country idiots that some people, in Australia as well as the US, have made them out to be. The protest committee was so lacking in proper procedure as to make it invalid as any kind of objective body.”  – Alan PayneSail magazine (1971)

(As the designer of Australia’s 1970 challenger Gretel II, Payne also had a succession of disputes with the NYCC measurers over the defending 12m Intrepid. It had peculiar “fairing strips” below the waterline, the flotation test was flawed and there were compliance issues with the internal fit-out. )