cabo wabo?

We are a little skeptical (shocking, right?) of a couple West Coast races here in Cali that are planning to go to Mexico in the middle of the pandemic. One is the Newport to Ensenada in April, but that race has other course options that do not include finishing in Ensenada.

The other is the Newport to Cabo race, which does indeed finish in Cabo San Lucas. To our reckoning, this one is fraught with Covid issues that seem potentially troublesome.  As of now there are 28 entries, but at least a couple boats are pulling out. But here is a twist that seems odd: a reported six boats (including 3 TP 52’s) are planning on bailing on the race and instead, having their own race –  2 of them – one thought to be some 400 mile race in US waters, including a fair bit of upwind work, the other a 200 miler.

If you signed up for the Cabo race, it is because you want to go downwind to an excellent destination. Covid concerns would be a legitimate reason not to go, but deciding to have your own race at the same time doesn’t seem very copacetic. Details are scarce, but even the race organizers are alluding to it.

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