a worthwhile cause

The British Tall Ships Youth Trust which operates five vessels with the aim of taking young people to sea on week-long courses is one of the charities which has suffered significantly during the Covid crisis. It is particularly focussed on introducing disadvantaged children to a life at sea.

The organisation is looking to attract industry partners who would like to be associated with the work the charity undertakes. Tall Ships would like to talk with companies within the boating industry who are looking for an innovative two-way charity partnership in a truly immersive relationship.

Partnerships could focus on any one or all of the following suggestions: Opportunities for employee volunteering and support ‘in kind’; profile-raising activities with exclusive opportunities to showcase a company’s brand purpose; staff fundraising to sponsor geographically distinct groups of young people (the company’s choice) on a voyage; bespoke branding and marketing opportunities such as sponsoring our upcoming ‘Round the UK’ youth voyage.

A relationship with Tall Ships would enhance internal staff engagement, increase a company`s brand profile and provide fresh, exciting and exclusive content to engage with its customers. And most important of all a company which becomes a partner will be making a difference when needed the most.

For more information please contact Richard Leaman-Grey the CEO of the Tall Ships Youth Trust at [email protected].

Thanks to IBI for the story.