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Our friends at Off Center Harbor have really outdone themselves this time. They’ve created the Worldwide Classic Boat Show — an interactive globe that you can spin around to find anything and everything on the planet related to classic and wooden boats.

“Gates” to the virtual show open this Friday (February 19th) online at ClassicBoatShow.com.  Along with 400 of the world’s finest (and funkiest) classic boats from Finland to Carriacou, you can zoom right in to any place on the planet to find sailmakers, museums, boatbuilders, schools and festivals.

You can get tickets here, and they’re only $5 for the entire show (including eight live presentations). Off Center Harbor’s mission on this project is to use their worldwide digital reach to bring everyone in the world of classic boats closer together, while highlighting all those doing the work that keeps these classic boats sailing.  Photo Credit: Jeff Dworsky/Maine