fight night

The surely to be truncated Prada Cup Finals between the Goombahs and the Pomes will resume this Saturday (or Friday night in the US of A).

Is the delay in the Prada Cup caused by another minor COVID-19 outbreak in New Zealand a clear advantage to Ineos, so far the slightly slower and slightly worse-sailed boat? They now have extra days in which to tweak their boat and improve their tactics and communication.

The Cup organization should have insisted on the same rules as apply when similar situations occur in motor racing. No improvements of any kind are allowed in time delays after a race or series has commenced. At some events the cars are actually locked away behind security fences.

The next scheduled Prada Cup race day was scheduled for yesterday, that’s already two precious bonus days of tweaking. A huge amount can be achieved in that time.

You might argue that the Italians have the same opportunity, but they have been quicker and therefore have less potential for improvement. Perhaps time will tell…

Title inspiration thanks to Migos.