A quick synopsis of the first two races of the Prada Cup Finals: Prada kicked the Frackers’ ass. Crushed the start of race No. 1, while the Frackers pancacked the boat at the start, leaving the race already over before it even started. Prada never made a mistake, won by a ton.

Race 2: Kinda even start but Prada forced to tack away, but little did that matter. Crossed the next time and that was all she wrote.

Prada is smoother,  makes little to no mistakes, and is just a click faster that the Frack. Quickly down 0-2 in what appears to be an already lopsided regatta, Frackdaddy gonna have to step it, large.

Odds would indicate that they will not. The show goes on tomorrow. Don’t you like my cheesy, drunk pics from the teevee? That’s how I roll.