We got the chance to go sailing with John Driscoll and friends on his S&S 46, Chimera for one of our Retro Boat videos. What made this day and this boat so extraordinarily exceptional was the fact that John’s dad, Gerry Driscoll, built the boat, back in 1967. It was built for a client, and then after a couple owners, John got it, added almost 7′ to the rig(!), pulled out a bunch of shit out of the boat, (you know like almost all of would do!) and the thing goes right along!

The boat is cherry and it was a real delight to sail with John, whom I’ve known for decades and is truly one of the best sailors San Diego has produced, and a significant part of a legacy sailing family, especially here in SD. John has had some health issues andĀ  simply going sailingĀ  was a treat! Photo by Justin Edelman.