Big Pimpin'

The world of sailing, not to mention the world as a whole, is in for a massive reset as we look with increasing hope at the end of this pandemic. Not to lapse into hyperbole, while the predictions for control of the virus vary there is now a level of certainty that a corner has been turned for all of us.

Much closer to ‘home’, as long as enough vaccination is accepted and the logistics of administration can be overcome, we are looking fairly confident about embarking on a European sailing programme for the Maxi fleet – almost back to normal. Not surprisingly, the confidence to travel for the early season in the Caribbean has not been there and although most of the regattas plan to proceed we know that fewer boats than usual will travel to the region.

As I write this in the UK we are into the third day as the first Western country to start a mass vaccination programme. This will not be an instant fix but by April should be making a big difference. Other countries will soon follow. Already case numbers and deaths seem to be coming down after the second peak. Different countries have had different rules and different restrictions but the virus has found its way round most of them; countries that had done well in the first wave such as Germany do not look so good this time around.

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