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This is perhaps the single biggest waste of time, ever, which is of course why we must share it.

One of the theories mentioned for the dramatic improvement on board INEOS between the America’s Cup World Series and the Prada Cup Round Robins was the improved communications between the team members.

How do you discern however between simple babble and meaningful communication? For a start how do you work out who is who? Well one young man did just that.

He assigned a musical note to each crew member on the videos then painstakingly added the note and graphics as each crew member spoke. I don’t know how he did it, or even had the patience to do it, but his resultant edited video clearly shows the dramatic increase in communications on board the yacht.

Of course, the “Rule Britannia” bit at the end is, as he admits, a joke but the clever breakdown of the comms on board is worth listening to.